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Sudo Review

Sudo Review computes pros and cons, sentiments, and summaries for e-commerce products. Our system can analyze many reviews in just a few seconds, and provide interactive visualizations for exploratory analysis. For example, we built a product that analyzed 10M+ Amazon products and 100M+ reviews.

Community Intelligence

Community Intelligence provides business intelligence for publicly tradable entities (such as cryptocurrencies), by monitoring, analyzing and visualizing terabytes of public discussion data (e.g. Telegram, Reddit, ...).

Community Trends

Like Google Trends, Community Trends shows how keywords are mentioned in online communities. Communities Trends can be customized for specific domains. For example, in blockchain, Community Trends monitors and analyzes 942 subreddits and 1299 telegram communities.

Community Sentiment

Community Sentiment provides APIs and visualizations for publicly tradable entities (such as cryptocurrencies) in areas such as (1) sentiments v.s. prices, (2) news analysis, (3) market overview, (4) topics, opinions, summaries. (Video)



Credible: Reviews & Social Proofs - Personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs | Product Hunt Embed

Credible enables you to collect and present personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs, so you can get more sales, collect more reviews, and become more credible. Credible can be easily installed on Shopify, WordPress, or custom website in just 1 minute.

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